9 comments on “White Dirt Farm Consultation Reaction

  1. Excellent summary of events so far and a clear outline of the next steps. Also a very clear statement on your standpoint as District Councillor for the Downs Ward, one which accords with my own view as a Parish Councillor for the Downs Ward.

  2. Guy, this is a great summary – thank you. Just one question keeps niggling me…TW must have been aware that EHDC had already commented in the landscape assessment that the site was not considered suitable for development. It makes me wonder why they have gone ahead anyway.

    • Hi Jan, that is a good question. A lack of research perhaps? On another extreme a belief that they can push it through regardless. Either way the landscape harm would be significant. Guy.

  3. We read with interest your information about TW giving the idea that Planning Permission was all but a ‘done deal’ with regard to the White Dirt Lane site.
    We attended the meeting at the Memorial Hall and were delighted to see so many people there, so many in fact that we were unable to speak to a TW representative. Hopefully all were there to register their opposition to the proposed development. As were we.
    But, really how much attention is payed to the local residents. Reference the many meetings and objections to the site in Green Lane, and yet more houses are to be built on this site.
    Already we cannot get appointments with our Doctors for three to four weeks. Our roads are in an appalling state and constantly being patched up badly and expensively. The local schools will be unable to cater for the many young children that will inevitably arrive over the next few years
    Will there be a site set aside for more parking at the local shops and surgery. We could go on.
    We will be posting our objections to TW with we feel little point.
    Do our Councillors really have the local residents best interests at heart.?
    M.V. & P.A.Lague

    • Hi Martin and Patricia, thank you for the comments, as to your closing remark ‘do our councillors really have our best interests at heart?’ If this blog and the articles on White Dirt Farm leave you asking that, I should really give up now! Guy.

      • Hello Guy, perhaps we should have said other Councillors as indeed you have summarised and given much more information than we have received from anyone else. We await with interest further news about this proposed development for White Dirt Lane.

  4. Guy

    My wife and I who live in Wasdale Close are totally opposed to the attempt to build on what is currently designated as ‘Gap Land between Horndean and Clanfield.. This retention of this piece of land is a natural rural break between the 2 villages. Already the degree of mis-information and inaccuracy in TW documents is showing that they believe that they can bully this sort of development through with minimum of consultancy, research and cost.
    We will support local opposition as far as we can go.
    We are both impressed with the level of information generally you are providing to us local since you have taken up your role. Keep the good work up.
    Ann and Brian Meakin

    • Dear Ann and Brian, thank you for the very supportive email and I think we have an excellent chance at fighting this off. The quality of the TW information was very poor, and this will be taken up with them. Best wishes, guy.

  5. Thankyou for a very informative post . I do feel a little more optimistic having read it and knowing you are behind the view of what appears to be the majority of residents.

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