8 comments on “White Dirt Farm Consultation Notes

  1. Thanks for such a detailed report. Food for thought on what comments to make at the meeting

  2. I concur with every point you’ve made on here . Regards doctors surgery my husband recently had to wait 6 weeks for a doctors appointment how on earth are they going to cope with more building on top of the new developments in horndean and green lane? As well as needing homes we also feel the need to breath fresh air ! I feel with all the proposed building to blendworth as well , we’ve taken more than our fair share of houses!lets not forget these houses are only being built to line a few elite people’s pockets !,they have no thought for the impact they have on local people’s lives ,regardless of whatever platitudes they come out with.

  3. Having visited the presentation yesterday I thought the proposed 200 home development is unsightly. No consideration has been given to the surrounding infrastructure which is struggling to cope with the building work already taking place. Everybody I spoke to was strongly opposed to this development but I expect the voice of the local community will not be heard and planning permission will eventually be granted. Lets hope our duly elected councillors take heed of our disquiet.

  4. If the councillor s listen to the community that put them in their positions they will not allow this development !!

    • Hi Jeannette, If you read the content of this blog then hopefully you will have comfort that as one of the District Councillors in Horndean, I am totally opposed to this development and working hard to keep people informed about it and how to object. Have some confidence that we are doing everything we can, and I believe we have an excellent chance. Guy.

      • I fully appreciate Guy that you are against this development as much as the rest of us ,my biggest concern is the money on the table from Taylor wimpey i can see a few heads being turned by it ,What has to be remembered is the money is a one off ,once the money is spent and long forgotten ,those fields will be gone for ever! Good on you for giving your all on this matter .

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