One comment on “WDF Consultation Letter Concern

  1. With regard to the ‘proposed’ development of White Dirt Farm. I have some sympathy for the
    owner of the land as farming is fast becoming a ‘non-profitable’ occupation and if you do not
    have family members wishing to take over this land, then I feel the current owner has a right
    to sell the land. HOWEVER, putting a housing development on this plot is totally ridiculous.
    Several points I would like to raise. 1. Southdown Road, and the adjoining road systems, are
    currently so over borne with traffic it is fast becoming a nightmare to live along these roads.
    Heavy lorries are on the increase and nobody seems to be aware of the 30mph speed limit
    levied. (although to my mind it should be 20mph and more policing of these roads, or indeed
    ‘Safety Cameras’ be put in place). With more housing it would naturally increase the amount of
    traffic to an alarming level. 2. During heavy rainfall there is a lot of surface flooding in the area
    that the current drains cannot cope with. With the extra burden on these drains etc with the advent
    of yet more housing being built this can only incur more flooding with the possibility of present
    housing being affected. The proposed site is, in case nobody has noticed, is on a very steep
    incline. Therefore, surface water will find its lowest level, ie Southdown Road and the environs.
    3. The wild life that is currently enjoyed by many, if not all, will sadly be affected. Watching deer
    in the field of White Dirt Farm is a joy. Where will they go to carry on with their lives, safely, as
    they do at present? As this wild life has been in this area for goodness knows how long, it is their
    ‘stamping ground’, as it were. So they will continue to use this space even if housing is built
    causing much unrest with the new home owners and their motor vehicles etc. Safety will be an
    issue surely, as I am sure no-one would like to see dead animals, or infants, on their driveways.
    4. The area in question is a natural open space to be enjoyed by all, as it is at the present and
    should remain so. With the current housing developments around the area, it will soon end up
    housing from Portsmouth to Petersfield with no gaps in between. Not a pleasant thought!

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