8 comments on “Downwood Way Flooding Action

  1. This was posted on the 7th on the 16th the flooding was much the same. Is there not a more permanent solution.

    • Hi Mike, I would have thought there had been plenty of opportunity in the last 2 weeks to jet the drains, and we have been chasing action. HCC and Southern Water have a number of areas where properties are flooding and will be stretched. Will post any updates as they come. Guy.

  2. Guy, thanks for the quick response but this is something that keeps happening, especially when we have heavy rain. They are either not carrying out the maintenance routine correctly or, not often enough. Is it possible to ask them to conduct the jetting more often

  3. Guy, Downwood Way is still flooding and there appears to be no sign of anyone jetting the drains. Any idea when they now propose to carry out the work??

    • Hi Ron, I have emailed the County Councillor following receipt of your message and will come back as soon as I have a response. I had understood this would be last week, and am disappointed it was not. Guy.

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