3 comments on “Post Office Condemned at Easter

  1. I had heard this rumor and was hoping that it couldn’t be true. Jo and Chris have been such a friendly helpful couple and, as far as I am aware the post office was very well used. Their shop has been a real gem in the middle of the village so I am pleased that they wish to continue being part of the local scene in some other guise and I will support them in whatever way I can in whatever they choose to do

    • Hi Jean, I totally agree. Most post offices I frequent are staffed by grumpy jobsworths, and our Horndean office is friendly and welcoming. It seems this decision is irreversible, hopefully it will give a new opportunity for a friendly local business.

  2. I cannot but agree with Jean and Guy. It’s always been a pleasure to deal with Jo and Chris, and Jo’s Mum, who are extremely efficient, reliable, and most welcoming at all times. The shop itself is very well organised, cheerful, tidy, and a real credit to their skills and personalities. I don’t understand why the postal service has to be moved to another shop? I, too, will welcome and support this great couple in whatever they decide to do next, as I know they will make a success of any new venture. They are a fantastic asset to the Village, and stay they must!

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