5 comments on “Horndean Carol Service 2013

  1. Hi Guy , how can you say a record crowd ,you not been to all the carol services ,come of it , you only new to Horndean All the best John


  2. Dear Guy , I am asking you to do a retraction on you Horndean Matters about record crowd . when this first started you were not around then 1, We regally got beween 500 -600 that was countered 2,Also we had a least a 30ft tree .

    I look forward to seeing the retraction All the Best John


  3. ,Dear Guy, Loved the Carol Service and the pics of our mad hats , as ex-Horndeaners we return for this event every year to be with our daughter and family. Nice to see it continues as communities now seem to be losing that closeness that Christmas should bring. May not been as big a crowd but the
    good spirit is still alive and thriving in Horndean. Big thankyou for the band – brilliant as always –
    and to the organisers. Happy Christmas to all in Horndean.
    Cheers Marorie & Cliff

    • Good to see you both entering into the Christmas Spirit. Or is it “the Christmas spirit entering into you”

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