3 comments on “New Lighting going ahead

  1. Guy,

    We’ve had the PFI Lampposts in Waterlooville for a few months now and they are fantastic improvement over the old lampposts.

    We do have a problem in that most of the lampposts are now lost within the treetops of our distributor road – the net result is that in some cases we have less illumination with the new lampposts than we had with the older, shorter lampposts.

    Our website which is tackling Safety and Speeding on Tempest Avenue is also engaged to get the trees cut back – our website has some example photographs of the issue – it was important to take the photos before the leaves fell off the trees, here’s a link to our website post:


    Fingers crossed the PFI Hampshire Team will get back to us …

    • Thank you Steve for the posting, and general feedback about the light columns is positive which is good. I think the columns are 6m high when most of the old columns were 5m so trees will I guess be an issue at times. I think HCC will be the organisation who deals with it in the end as this is in their jurisdiction. A report to them would cut out the middle man? Guy.

  2. Hi Guy,

    Thanks, the HCC PFI Policy folks directed us to the PFI Hampshire Team.

    PFI Hampshire are reading my emails as I’m getting a return receipt. Guess I’ll need to pick up the phone and talk to them.


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