10 comments on “A3M Noise and resurfacing

  1. I remember Horndean prior to the A3(M) motorway being built – and it was fantastic, safe, and thriving place to live. We had tons of pubs, small cornershops, the brewery and for those that are old enough to remember – Horndean had it’s own swimming pool.

    I lived on the London Road on the service road till the early ’90s, and I can only imagine what the noise is like now. Certainly when the A3(M) was built, provision should have been made for sound supression of some sort – it was a bonkers decision back in a late 70’s to build the road without considering the long term noise impact.

    I live just down the road off Tempest Ave in Waterlooville, and the motorway noise is negligible in comparison to Horndean. Sleeping with the windows facing the motorway open is an option – and the gentle background noise is quite reassuring.

    It is worth campaigning for noise suppression to the impacted houses on the London Road – the motorway ruined what was otherwise a very nice area to live.

    Steve Mayne

  2. Just came across this very interesting blog!
    Is ther any up to date news on the A3M road suppression noise.
    I have noticed the noise levels are getting much louder?
    Who are the best to complain to?

    • Good morning Steve and thank you for the message – sorry it took a few days to reply, I was away on holiday. The Highways England (Used to be The Highways Agency) manage the A3 and A3M in our patch and they have a contact email address which is info@highwaysengland.co.uk I have regularly raised noise pollution with them in the past and the more who do so the better! best wishes, Guy.

      • Guy
        Thank you for your reply!
        I have sent an email with my concerns to HighwaysEngland and await there response?
        Best regards
        Steve Dargon

  3. Guy
    I have written to Highways England as predicted they wrote back with a long winded answer.
    In short they have no plans at the moment to reduce the A3M road noise?
    Is there any pressure you can put on them as our Cllr?
    Especially with all the new houses predicted to be built?

    • Hi Steve I am a regular nuisance to Highways England and have been pressing for improvements for some considerable time. I also find them very disjointed. one department says they are not planning any improvements and then the next week they announce they are re-surfacing a stretch! ultimately id love to see acoustic fencing along much of it. Guy.

      • With the new housing estate being built on the other side of Hazleton Common A3M will Bloors the developers be installing acoustic fencing along the A3M if so can they do both sides of the motorway?
        Also can you give us an up date as to weather highways England’ are still going for The madcap idea of installing traffic lights on The roundabout?

    • HI Steve, Highways England are focusing only on resurfacing on a rolling programme with ‘quieter tarmacs’ – from my home 200m away from the A3 I’m less than convinced…

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