4 comments on “HPC – Transparent and Clear

  1. Hi,

    Could you let me know the precise reasons for the curious announcement of the departure of Ms Predeth on the parish council website

    Was she pushed or did she jump?

    • Hi Lance, as I understand it, Tracy has always had her sights set on career advancement and was some years ago hoping to become a Town Clerk somewhere. I am sure this is just a hard working individual looking for the next career opportunity. The Parish Council may be able to tell you more though? Best wishes, Guy Shepherd

  2. Evening.

    My thoughts on your reply closely resemble your opinion of localism as expressed in the blog above.

    Months of dispute, secret business at meetings, suspensions, stress, sickness and finally a brief and terse announcement of her departure lead me to believe she must have done something to upset the cabal at the heart of this dysfunctional organisation.

    You are a hard wroking District Councillor. Please distance yourself from this moth eaten bunch of misfits.


    Happy Christmas BTW.

    • Good evening Lanny, An exceptionally good reply, and I did enjoy that, and yes, your thoughts are a completely correct assessment of my response. There is a limit to what can be said as an opinion in an open blog, but I am very happy to talk about local issues over a coffee in Horndean most Saturdays if you like.

      I am very much hoping that over the next few months HPC will be able to focus on some of the issues we hope as a local community that they can deliver. We should have high expectations of them and hopefully over the next year they can refocus and work well for the community.

      Thank you for your kind works, and I wish you a very happy Christmas too.


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