4 comments on “Horndean Roadworks Respite

  1. This is a great update, thank you. Does Lindens responsibility extend to the terrible remaining footpath alongside the old tower? It is very hazardous with large pebbles and grit being thrown up from the road, particularly at night when it’s not well lit.

    • Hi Jo. In part yes. The road condition is poor and HCC are responsible for some of the potholes. Linden are also responsible for some, the damage, and mud dragged out on the road by lorries. HCC have told Linden to keep the road and doorway clear. If it is not done tomorrow I will follow it up. Guy.

  2. Thanks to all concerned for their efforts in improving this situation and for keeping us informed. I do appreciate it.

    • Thank you Jennie, and no problem. It is what we are here for, but does highlight the need to have an active County Councillor who can address these issues faster because they have direct access to the officers. Guy.

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